Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Diversion Dam Software

First of all, I would like to give thanks to the people who made the creation of this software possible. To Engr. Zeny for encouragement to me to write this program and support during that time. To Engr. Cocoy for giving answers to every questions that I can throw and allowing me to take a peek for his excel program similar to the one I wrote and to my fellow designers and friends who helped me debug and test the program to see if the results were acceptable.

This program I called 'Diversion' is an aid to hydraulic
computations of diversion structures capable of solving three (3) different weirs (Ogee Weir, Sharp-Crested Weir and Broad-Crested Weir). It is written in Visual Studio 2012 and took me initially of three months to complete and another three months for revision due to some bugs of the program. Included is a stability analysis of ogee-crested weir.

I haven't wrote a documentation about the program yet but it's self explanatory and easy to learn with minimal support. However, for those who have questions regarding the usage and results, you can always comment here or directly send me and email.

It  will run on windows XP, Windows 7 and 8.

Click here to download installer

Below are some screenshots of the program window:

Ogee Shaped Single Weir

Multiple CrestedWeir

Section of Stability Analysis

The software requires a registration key that depends on every machine. Upon opening the software for the first time, you will be prompted to enter a key and a request code will be shown on the same window. Just post your request code in the comment with your Name, Address, Company and a contact email. Any suggestion for the improvement will be well taken.


  1. Alex pahingin naman nang serial..Vengie Moraca, NIA-Negros Occidental

    1. San ka nakakuha ng kopya ng installer mam Vengie?

  2. Pwede maka hingi ng serial code alex, elmer b. felisarta

  3. hi Meler.. register ka dito
    Tapos punta ka sa discussion board. Hanapin mo yung
    about sa SPADE software key. tapos post mo dun ung request code ng pc mo.

    1. This is to inform that the above website,, is no longer available. Thanks

  4. Hi sir.. from BSWM po ako. ngcoconduct in po kami ng desgi nng small diversion dam. pwede rin po ba kaming mkagamit ng software ninyo? maraming salamat po in advance.

    1. Hello sir Mark. Proprietary n po sya ngaun eh. You can the installer at

      My bayad n po ang serial.


  5. hi dear alexius
    request code: D8DB652F
    may name: ABBAS

    1. Hi Abbas, apology for the late response in your comment. I am now developing rewritten version of the software to make it better. However, the new software is no longer being offered for free. It comes with subscription but in a very low cost. If you are still interested though, you may send and email at