Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Structural analysis for vertical concrete canal linings

1. No water inside the canal and the embankment outside
 is up to the top bank of the canal.
2. Soil is saturated.

Procedure of analysis:

1. Compute for pressure at canal bottom using the formula:

 Ph = ----------- x SoilWeight x CanalHeight
 A = Angle of internal friction of soil

2. Compute for total shear on the wall:
             Ph x Canalheight
 Vh =     ----------------

3. Compute for Moment @ Canal bottom
           Vh x CanalHeight
 Mh = ------------------
4. Compute for total Weight of Canal per 1-m strip (Wcanal).

5. Compute for soil bearing pressure assuming soil bearing
 capacity is sufficient.
 Pb = ---------------------
        Canal Gross Width (W)
6. Compute for weight of canal flooring (Wslab)
 Wslab = 2,400 x FloorThickness(t1)

7. Compute for uplift due to water pressure.
 Wuplift = 1,000 x (CanalHeight + t1)

8. Net upward force acting on the canal bottom
 Pv = Pb - Wslab + Wuplift

9. Compute for shear at slab support
               Pv x CanalBase
 Vv =       --------------

10. Compute for Moment at Support
                      Pv x CanalBase^2
 MvNeg =       ----------------

11. Compute for Moment at Midspan
                        Pv x CanalBase^2
 MvPos =        ------------------

12. Using these moments, you can now compute for the
 required steel reinforcements then compute
 the required spacings.
 As = -------
        fs x j x d

 * Assuming d is half of the member thickness or depending on your
  decision whether where to put the reinforcements.

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