Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Prevent Flash Drives from Being Infected by Viruses

Flash drives or USB sticks are very good at handling files fast at portable. You can bring your electronic files anywhere with just a small hardware and just plug-in in any available machine that can read it. However this advantage has a corresponding disadvantage associated with.

Flash drive are also pretty easy to be infected by computer viruses and as easy as spreading them to other machines. Now I will share a simple tweak to prevent flash drives from being infected by viruses. This is what I'm using now, and even if you plug it in an infected computer, the risk of being infected by virus automatically is eliminated. It can only be infected by virus by manually copying the infected file on the drive. So here it is.

1. First, format the flash drive to NTFS file system. See image below:

2. After formatting, you can now use the security function of NTFS file system.
    Open the flash drive from My Computer then Right Click the mouse and select 'Properties'. The window       below will open:
 3. Modify the permission and select to allow read only. But before doing that, you must create first a folder        where you will put all your files. After setting the permission of the root folder, set the permission of the          newly created folder with full control so that you can place your files there.

4. After that, put all your files on the newly created folder because you cannot put files on the root. If you           cannot put file on the root, it means a virus cannot infect it automatically reducing the risk of being infected.

* That's it! you're done.
Note: Your flash drive could still be infected by virus if you manually copied an infected file inside the folder you created.

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