Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Import Terrain Surface From Google Earth to Autocad Civil 3D

As the title says, we will input contours from google earth to autocad civil 3D 2010.
First, you will need to have Autocad Civil 3D and Google earth installed in your system and an internet  connection as well. First go to google earth and zoom in to areas
that you're insterested in getting the terrain, then go to Cad to set up coordinate system. Go to Toolspace,then Settings, then right click on the drawing
and click Edit Drawing Settings. On Units and Zone tab, select Philippines as categories (For philippines PRS92) then on Available Coordinate system select 'PRS92' from the dropdown list. Click apply then click Ok.

Now you're good to go. type "importgesurface" (Google earth must be openned and there should be an internet connection), choose coordinate system, then on the Create Surface window click Ok.

The topographic layout will now be imported. Click on the surface and on the ribbon click Surface Properties > Edit Surface Style.

On the contour tabs, expand contour interval then set your desired intervals.

Then enjoy exploring the rest.

For questions on creating profile and cross sections of a proposed alignment, just comment.

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  1. As for now, import and export of imagery from google earth to autocad civil 3d 2013 is not yet supported because of they didn't include the google earth api on this version of autocad due to the limitation of google earth api. So for those who are using autocad civil 3d 2013, there is not yet a solution for this problem. However , they are still trying to find an alternative method on doing this. As of now, you may only use a lower version of autocad civil 3d, say R2010.